Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dallas humidity ruins everything

So today was a quiet but fun day full of very old friends and very new friends. I feel like reminiscing about my day, but I am just too exhausted. Granted, I should be in bed right now, but I am not quite exhausted enough for that...

Instead, I'll dwell on the fact that due to the rain we've been having and the "cool front" Dallas has experienced, I would love to have been outside today and this evening. Aside from the humidity, tonight was a beautiful night. As I drove home, I rolled the windows down for a while. It was nice and cool as long as I didn't pay attention to the heavy, damp air fogging up my eyes and the middle of my windshield. There was a bright half moon partially obscured by thin wisps of grey cloud, and it moved around my car as I drove. I concentrated on the moon and Joshua Radin's voice crooning from the stereo and I let my hands and feet take me home. I thought about what I would do if not for the sodden ground and clammy air.

Pulling into the still, quiet driveway, I roll up the windows. I switch off the engine and gather my purse and cds from the car. I pull the cumbersome garage door closed as quietly as possible and tiptoe through my house, as the rest of my family is asleep. I slip off my sandals, dump my purse onto the floor of my bedroom and gather up the thick quilt from the foot of my bed. My sister is breathing heavily and steadily from her bed, or else I would rouse and have her come outside with me. My arms are full of blanket and my bare feet pad carefully through the black house on my way to the backyard. I slowly slide the glass door open and step onto the cool patio, bringing the door to behind me. The half moon and few stars are bright above me, but I can only see dim shadows of my dad's flower bed and our massive oak tree in our small backyard. I step onto the prickling grass and spread out my quilt. I walk across the quilt on my knees before finding the perfect spot. I collapse onto my back and rest my head on my palms, letting the unusually cool summer night air work its magic on my tired limbs. I stare straight up at the stars until my eyes water and I let myself drift.

One of the songs I listened to on repeat on my way home tonight---

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