Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's been too long since I posted. I know.
Here is a rough draft of a poem, inspired by a few texts I saved from a friend earlier during the summer.


Last night I had
the strangest dream,
my Old Friend Paul
whispered in my ear.
And I opened my eyes
slowly remembered
your voice
on the screen.
You told me you were naked—
the good kind of naked.
(You were always comfortable in your own skin.)
You sat in your bed and
told me about the sky
as it climaxed into a storm,
how the light zig-zaggged
and pulled apart the night clouds.
The rain tapped its tune
into your window,
lulling you to sleep
keeping you awake.

You warned me to pay attention
to what God has given me
and so of course, I thought of you.
And I thanked Him.
I thanked him for a few short months,
for hours spent in conversation, banter,
pens at the ready.
For evenings at the pub, for whiskey
and your favorite beer, rides in the car,
farewell notes and embraces
never quite long enough.

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