Monday, September 6, 2010

To-Do List

Right now my life is a list of things-- things I wish I was doing, want to be doing.
Here is a list of my shoulds. Because I'm exhausted but felt the need to write SOMEthing, even a mundane to-do list....

1. Unpack from roadtrip.
2. Consolidate boxes and general clutter sitting in garage from school/apt.
3. Clean room.
4. Wash car.
5. Study for GRE (re-learn Math after roughly four years of mathematical inactivity).
6. Find grad schools to apply to.
7. Apply to said grad schools.
8. Get ball rolling for substitute teaching.
9. Start doing something even remotely physically active.
10. Send some mail because who doesn't love to send and receive mail?
11. Write.
12. Read.
13. BLOG.

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