Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Apprehensive and Indecisive

Today has been kind of uneventful. I worked this afternoon, and even though it was a very short four hour shift, I actually up a sweat running around helping clean theaters and running for people in the concession stand. This summer has been kind of dead as far as summers at the movies go, and today actually felt busy! I think this was at least partially due to the fact that today was a Tuesday and Tuesdays are often busier than Friday or Saturday nights. That's because we have 75 cent Tuesdays! It used to be 50 cent Tuesdays, and I still miss that-- it just has a much nicer ring to it. So everyone and their brother shows up to see a movie on Tuesday. But this summer, even Tuesdays have seemed less busy than they could be. I remember what summers and Tuesdays during the summers were like three and four years ago and nothing has ever quite come close since.

So I got home from a short, but busy afternoon at work and took a shower to rinse off the sweat and popcorn. I went and had dinner with my friend Marissa at The Fillmore Pub in downtown Plano. It was very dark, but very quaint. It had the feel of an American bar trying to feel like a European pub. I think it was maybe the music throwing me off... But their beer list was quite impressive, and Marissa and I each had a Snakebite-- Harp and Ace pear cider. Tasty!

So now I'm home and I'm suffering from music ADD as I type tonight's post.. I've hopped from Hanson to Rosie Thomas to The SplendourBog... And yes, I'm a Hanson fan. Yes, they're still out there making GOOD music. All right, I've said my piece.

But what's probably foremost in my mind right now is work tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am training in booth at the theater. For all you movie theater lay people out there, "booth" or UB, as the position is sometimes called, refers to running all the movies in the booth above the theaters. I'm going to learn how to thread the film in each of the projectors and how to start the movies. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry and that booth is actually quite easy. But after working at the theater for as long as I have, I have seen so many things go wrong with the movies, and that just makes me nervous. Also, I'm worried about how long it will take me to learn the process. I'm eager to know how to thread and start the movies, I just wish I could skip the learning. Can't I just have the knowledge instilled in me somehow?
So that's what I'm doing tomorrow til about 5:30. Then I'll work an evening shift at podium. It'll probably be a long day.

So for now, I'm debating whether to read some more of A Tale of Two Cities, which I have been slowly wading through or to go catch up on an episode of True Blood.
Decisions to make before I sleep...

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