Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I made it! It was a very long day, but my afternoon training in booth went... smoother than it could have... but then again, not quite as smoothly as it could have. By the time six o'clock rolled around, I was getting the hang of threading the movies, but it was just taking me a long time. One of the assistant managers, Dylan trained me and I joked that he didn't even need to mess with any of the film or projectors on purpose and have me fix it, because I'd managed to mess some of them up all on my own! So hopefully with a little practice over the next couple days, I'll be ready to run booth all by myself come 4th of July, when I'm working 4- midnight. And after my booth shift today , I moved downstairs to work the podium until close.

Some things that happened, I noticed or mused over throughout my day--

1. When talking with Nicole at work, we reminisced about a past employee and his deep, rumbly voice. I asked what she thought his voice looked like. She thought this was an odd question, but she was a good sport and told me she thought his voice was likely brown. This became the basis for a poem I later started writing on the back of a couple of test tickets, while hiding on the floor of the box office.

2. I HATE HATE HATE when people wear rosaries as jewelry. I'm sorry, any sort of prayer beads are never meant to be worn as an adornment for the neck or wrist. It is a sacred item and wearing it as jewelry is just disrespectful. I don't consider myself to be super-religious, but this has always peeved me. Today, I actually saw two different guys wearing rosaries around their neck and I really wanted to either say something to them or take it off for them.

3. I get equally annoyed when guys wear their pants down below their rear ends. Pants were meant to COVER your rear end, so what are they doing dangling below your tush? Guys: You just look silly and you're only tempting others around you to pants you. So do yourselves a favor and wear your pants where they belong-- your bottom! Also, the fad originated in prison. Think on that.

4. When movies were letting out today, I saw a girl pull a huge can of hair spray out of her purse and start spraying her hair in the hallway in a middle of a crowd of people. I was pretty surprised and even her boyfriend was a little put off... "What? I have to spray my hair," she whined. "It's getting limp." Interesting.

Not much else to say today, as my day was fairly boring and consisted of work...

I'll leave you with a pretty awesome ad my friend Kelsey sent me and had me watch. I miss living with her and analyzing ads and commercials as we watch tv each night.

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