Monday, June 28, 2010


So about five minutes ago, I was distraught. I was almost completely finished with my second blog post. It wasn't as long as yesterday's, but it was a labor of love. I was writing slowly at different points throughout the evening. I wrote about working a tedious afternoon at the theater, and coming home to have dinner with my family for the first time in several weeks-- grilled hamburgers with melted sharp cheddar cheese on top. I wrote about all of us sitting in our dimly lit family room, watching Quantum Leap on dvd.

I wrote about an afternoon of people watching at podium, where I tear customers' tickets and direct them to their theaters. I wrote about the bajillion cute little kids who were seeing movies with their families today. I wrote about two little blond brothers clad in How To Train Your Dragon tshirts, grinning excitedly as each of them held one of their mom's hands on their way to see guess which movie... I wrote about a little girl who came up to maybe the middle of my thigh. She had dark curly hair pulled into a
bouncy ponytail. I couldn't see her eyes because she wore a pair of tiny, pink Dora the Explorer sunglasses, which she refused to remove even inside the theater. But each time she passed me at the podium, she smiled, her round cheeks dimpling, and she waved. I wrote about a dad and his little boy, also on their way to see How To Train Your Dragon. The boy came to his father's waist, clasped his hand and walked quickly to keep pace with his dad. They were dressed to match, from their green and blue plaid button up shirts and khaki cargo shorts to their sandy, chin length hair.
"You match!" I exclaimed to the boy.
The dad looked a little embarrassed,
and insisted that they only matched a little. I fought the urge to protest that they definitely matched more than "a little." And as they passed me at the podium and made their way to theater eight, the little boy looked at me over his shoulder, and grinning, informed me, "We like to match."

All in all, it was one of those days at work where the customers actually made it better.

So that's the general gist of my original blog post tonight that completely disappeared because my finger twitched and the next thing I knew, everything I had written was gone.

Good night for now.

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  1. Maybe you fell asleep on your laptop again and your head hit the "delete" button?